Wednesday, November 9, 2011

An explanation

Last month was rough. As demonstrated by my total lack of posts. My husband had two close family members pass away three weeks apart, and my time and energy has been completely consumed with supporting him and being with family. His family lives about an hour away, so being at hospitals, houses, funerals, etc. kept me on the road most evenings and weekends.

Amazingly, both of us kept up with our respective graduate work all month, but boy did our home life suffer. Our wastebaskets overflowed, we ran out of milk twice because no one went shopping for most of the month, and when we did go shopping it was because we had no milk, all invitations were met with a stock "sorry, we can't make any commitments right now" response, we hadn't had a sit-down meal together at home in a month (I don't think I've alternated between starvation and fast-food that much in my whole life) and I seriously need a haircut before I go to SfN (in two days!).

In the last week we've been slowly returning to normal. And thus I will be returning to my normal (which is still seldom!) posting rate. Coming soon: figure-making - did I sign up to be a graphic designer?

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